How to make your home a green paradise


tomato cages, window garden box

You can easily make your home a garden and green paradise by placing plants everywhere. There’s something so nostalgic about having a backyard garden for me because it reminds me of the time when I used to plant tomatoes in my granny’s home. Then we would look forward to having some fresh tomato and mozzarella salad, handpicked by us!

Now I am not a gardening expert but since I have been familiar with planting tomatoes earlier I can give you a few tippers-

  • Get tomato cages for preventing the sagging and withering of veggies that climb up. This way, you will save time along with having some added space for other plants too. With this strong steel core, you will be able to ensure healthy plant growth. These cages also keep birds and other rodents at bay.
  • Provide lots of sunlight to the plant and do water them regularly. Instead of sprinklers spray water manually to avoid wastage. Also, let wind provide them the air needed instead of setting up fans.
  • Since we are talking about green solutions here, why not go for organic seeds. By growing organic tomatoes you will ensure a healthier food source for your family and you.

Remember that gardening can not only be healthy but good for the environment. This way you can grow some of your veggies and save costs on buying them commercially. It also means that you are contributing to soil renewal and reducing environmental waste by avoiding fertilizers and pesticides.

Along with tomatoes and veggies get a window garden box to add to the charming spring garden flag to your spring landscape decor plans. The blooming window box and its butterfly visitors, will welcome friends and family with a smile. So this spring enjoy some gardening and contribute to a greener environment.

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