How to rock the preppy style


polo boots for men, mens vest

Project a preppy style that’s understated but with a definite twist. The preppy look generally tends to be neat and studious. Take a few tips from here to look polished and preppy during your everyday pursuits.

The preppy look is that of a well-groomed, neat, healthy, suave person. The preppy man is most often clean-shaven who you will see around town pursuing sporty activities like golf, tennis, polo, sailing and other club activities.

The preppy look is more often than not characterized by branded clothes like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and other in that genre. You can try to mix in some prints and patterns into the preppy look but in the same color family when you want to rebel a bit. Nautical-inspired clothes, plain pastels both bright and neutral and white clothes add to the preppy look.

Wear chinos in light colors and shirts in classic colors like navy blue, lime green or light yellow. Plaid shirts with button down collars are typically preppy. Mens vest like the Rag & Bone Catalonia merino vest will look stylish with its button front and V-neckline. Clothes have to look good for a preppy. The colors have to match. Add classic belts in a neutral brown or tan. No funky belts with studs and big, bold buckles for the preppy!

Polo boots for men make a classic preppy statement. Ralph Laurens’s men’s Lansing boots have round toe with leather and suede uppers. The ankle duck-inspired style is functional and smart. The lace-up front with padded tongue and collar make for a secure fit.

If not Polo boots for men, wear boat shoes like top-siders or flip flops in leather. Wear them with shorts with a plaid shirt tucked in. No need for socks with the boat shoes.

Hair styles are neat and not over-long. Natural looking hair that’s parted in the center or on the side makes for true preppy style. But it’s acceptable to have a shabby or fluffy look too.

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