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I remember when I was in high school, my motto was to have as many shoes in my wardrobe as I could. This way I could flaunt something new almost every week. I really didn’t care about the quality or how comfortable those shoes were. The end result… Well I had about a score of shoes that went into the garbage after a couple of uses! Also, I ended up with intense heel pain that went away after months of physiotherapy.

Since that time, I always follow this rule of thumb to invest in quality and comfortable shoes. Yes, good brands do charge a little more but they provide you impeccable quality, great fit and longevity, which in the long run turns out to be more economical. For instance, original Steve Madden boots are definitely going to cost you a lot more than their replicas. You can easily fish a replica off the web for 1/10th the price of the shoe.

But you can be sure that they aren’t going to comfortable or durable. And don’t even get me started on the counterfeit legal mess you would be in, by investing or encouraging such websites. Invest in these shoes from reputable stores and sites so that you fetch the right worth for your investment.

Steve Madden uses the finest quality of material to ensure durability. They also customize and make sizes to suit the requirements of the average user. Their styling and detailing is done with finesse so you look chic, without compromising on the fashion quotient. You can also check out Nordstrom shoes to find a wide range of good shoe brands that will look good on your feet and complement a lot of different outfit styles.

Remember, like a tree is supported by the roots, shoes are the support system of your entire body. Compromising on quality would only mean risks of causing long term injury!

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