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I was watching this cooking show by Donna Hay, where she kept talking about how cooking was about simplicity and freshness. Since I am not a great cook, I was surprised to find myself motivated to try out some new recipes, which actually worked out beautifully (especially considering my last cake experiment resulted in the ceiling sprinklers being set off).

So I decided to try one of her paste recipes. Pasta is one of the more simple and easy to dress up foods to cook. And when it worked out just fine, I decided to make pasta for my friends in order to prove to them that I can cook. Now, what I had to do was plan the dinner out to ensure that everything went smoothly. A salad to accompany the pasta, some store bought bread served hot, and fruit salad.

For making the dish more visually appealing, I got some pasta bowl sets. Being a vegetarian I choose this Primavera set that reminds one of the Mediterranean gardens, which are legendary for their springtime bounty of colorful vegetables. The set has been crafted by artisans in Italy and the stoneware pays tribute to the local harvest with lifelike portraits of four different artichoke varieties.

These turned out to be a great way to spruce up the appeal of my simple spaghetti. To make sure that my pasta was al dante, I got a pasta cooker from Electrolux. The automatic pasta cooker features a 5.3 gallon single tank with independent programmable basket lifts, temperature control, automatic water fill and starch removal system.

This way I had a lot of extra time to focus on my dessert and salad and get the table ready for my friends. So the next time you are not sure about inviting friends for a home cooked dinner, do try out a simple pasta recipe and serve it up in style!

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