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Go ahead and flaunt your style with an infinity scarf. There are a number of ways you can wear them and they’re all trending this season. It’s versatile and you can wear the infinity scarf with different outfits with sensational results every time. And you can even knit your own infinity scarf if you’re so inclined. Take a look at some styles and how they make for great accessories:

You have the loop scarf, the circular scarf, the t-shirt scarf, the tube scarf, the eternity scarf and others. You can wear them all in different ways – in a simple loop or as a flashy accessory to accent your outfit.

The scarf has no ends as the ends are stitched together to make a ring. A knitted infinity scarf can be worn any way you want but it depends on the length and width of the scarf.

An Eileen Fisher infinity scarf in fine gauge Cashmere can be looped twice as it is very light and finely knit. The Cashmere infinity scarf feels luxurious against the skin.

If the scarf is long and wide, you can wrap it around your neck two or three times. For a different look, you can wrap it two times and spread the layers elegantly over the shoulders.

For a funky look, you can try the cape look. Wrap it twice and pull one layer over one shoulder and the other on the other shoulder for an innovative look. Or you can go for a bolero jacket look by thrusting your left hand through one end and inserting the right hand through the other end.

I’ve seen people wearing an infinity scarf as a head wrap. For this the scarf has to have enough length and wrapped two or three times and one layer pulled over the head.

Check out Express women’s shimmering circular infinity scarf that is semi-sheer with metallic accents. It is styled as a continuous loop and looks elegant with a draped and layered look. You can double it or loop it.  A circular scarf like the Brinley Co. women’s circular pattern mesh scarf in a silk blend material looks fashionable. It has a fringe and is long with enough breadth to use it anyway you desire.

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