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As we all get older and older there are a few things that doing by ourselves, such as taking a shower or a bath, can actually be dangerous because of the high risk of falling. However, when you’re older and living independently you do have to do these dangerous tasks alone. But now with the invention of walk in tubs with seats, showering and bathing alone is safe than ever. And because older and elderly people deserve some pampering too, companies have designed Jacuzzi bathtubs that are also walk in tubs.

The most dangerous room in your home

Did you know that your bathroom is one the most dangerous rooms in your home because of the risk of falling and the proximity of water to electricity. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in three people ages 65 or over fall every year, and a large percentage of those falls occur in the bathroom. To make your bathroom safe for those who are older or elderly and living independently you can add hand rails both on the inside and out of the shower or tub and the toilet area. Another way you can make your shower safer is to add a bench seating, this will help to minimize falls.

Walk in Jacuzzi’s

However, if you’d like to make your bathroom much safer and far more comfortable for your older or elderly loved one who’s living independently, then you talk to them about purchase a walk in tub or shower.

These specialty made bathing areas are perfect for the elderly because they have a built in bench seat and the shower heads can be detached and made into hand hold shower heads. These tubs and showers are much safer than average showers, and their leak proof doors keep any of the water from spilling onto the floor.

But I bet you didn’t know that tubs and showers are also made to pamper you. Many of these walk in tubs and showers now have a Jacuzzi feature, turning your walk in tub into a walk in Jacuzzi that’s made specially to pamper but not to hurt older bodies which tend to bruise more easily. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little pampering, so get yourself a walk in Jacuzzi and take the day off to pamper you!

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