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It’s a unique bond, this aunt-niece bond. I simply adore my mom but I also have this special relationship with my aunt, my mom’s sister. She’s my best buddy, my partner in crime, my confidante and agony aunt, all rolled in one. This bond could be because she has no children of her own and she’s lavished all her love and attention on me. So when it’s gifting time (which is pretty much any time), I take special care to give her something she’ll cherish. You can never go wrong with jewelry. Take a look at some lovely items here:

Jewelry for aunts

As far as favorite jewelry for aunts goes, mine is the Valentine’s Day Bling jewelry. It really makes for thoughtful jewelry for aunts. The Aunt and Niece split 925 sterling silver charm is made up of two halves of a heart. The pieces have Niece and Aunt written on them along with cute lady bug images. The halves of the silver heart hang from a silver chain with open heart designs. This Pandora compatible is a lovely gift to show your aunt how much she’s loved and appreciated.

Check out 14k gold Aunt Charms. These well-crafted charms are made out of yellow gold with a diamond cut and satin finish. They can be worn everyday to enhance any outfit and your aunts will love them.

Another piece of jewelry for aunts that make for a lovely gift idea is the Aunt on Heart floating locket charm. The charm goes into the locket and it can be attached to a locket necklace, bracelet or keychain. It’s a lovely way to tell your aunt how much you love her or remember her on days that are very special to the two of you.

Jewelry for niece

Jewelry for niece can range from inexpensive baubles to precious metal jewelry to mark special occasions. If you’re an aunt with an adored niece, give her the Personalized Girl’s gold/sterling pearl bracelet with heart. The white polished pearls and gold over sterling silver heart can be engraved with a special message for a special occasion. Other jewelry for niece includes pendants on chains, finger rings, special niece bracelet, necklaces, charms and others.

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