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One of the most energy inefficient chores we do once a week is wash and dry our clothes. Many washing machines and dryers use more water, electricity, and time then they actually need to get your clothes clean and dry. This waste of resources and power is bad for Mother Earth and its reeking havoc on your water and power bills. Eco-friendly consumers unite; it’s time to upgrade your washer and dryer combo to a LG washer and dryer.

Energy Star

Whenever green consumers go shopping for large appliances such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers, they know to look for the Energy Star logo and its sign of approval. Energy star products are made with special consideration towards reducing waste, conserving energy, and out performing their more wasteful counterparts.  These appliances are given special tests to make sure that when you take them home to use in your everyday life that they will not only work perfectly, but they will also save you money and time.

Energy Star and LG

Energy Star has been awarding companies like LG award after award for their eco-friendly large appliances such their outstanding washers and dryers. One of their most popular washing machines is their LG Mega Capacity Turbowash Washer with Steam Technology.

This is the washing machine of your dreams its huge capacity means less loads of laundry, steam cleaning your clothes gets them cleaner with less chemicals, its ColdWash feature saves you water and money, set in stains are no match for its Turbowash feature, and it was awarded the most energy efficient washing machine of 2012 by Energy Star. If you were looking for the best washer for your eco-friendly home, this is it.

Do you or someone you know have an LG washer and dryer combo? Let us know how well it works in your home and how much money and resources you’re saving with comments below.

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