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No matter where you live, a good pair of walking boots to keep your feet warm during these winter months is essential to your shoe collection. Now these don’t necessarily need to be intense hiking boots for hiking in the great outdoors. But when the rain, snow, or even just cold temperatures begin to increase, you’ll want to be prepared with a good daily pair of boots you can wear to stay warm, dry, and comfortable. We’ve put together a guide to the two best boots to achieve these important qualities.


Traditionally worn by Arctic aboriginal people, such as the Inuit people, this term refers to any pair of soft boots designed specifically for the cold weather. While these boots were initially made from reindeer or seal skin, more modern designs have made these boots stylish while still maintaining the same comfort and warmth. They are now typically suede, and lined with sheepskin. The outsides then usually include some type of fur, whether it is rabbit or synthetic and then some sort of handcrafted bead detailing. They can also sometimes include some stylish print detailing. There are plenty of good deals on cheap mukluks right now.

Ugg boots

These boots are similar to mukluks by design, but originated in Australia and New Zealand. They are also characterized by suede on the outside and sheepskin lining on the inside, and like mukluks, their popularity has brought a surge of fashionable different styles and varieties. From the classic to the sequin, from slippers to knee high tall boots, you are bound to find a pair of Uggs that fit your personality and wardrobe.

With both of these shoes, since they are suede and built for the cold weather, you might want to think about protecting them by spraying on some scotch guard. This will also help to further water proof the shoes and maintain their condition quality .

Written by Lizzy Jude

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