New hair styles for the New Year


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This year, try some fun hairdos to look striking! Here are different types of haircuts you can try for different occasions. Try some of them for work and weekend outings.

Feathered Flip or the Farah-do haircut

Perfect for women with shoulder length hair, this hair style was made popular by actress Farah Fawcett. Your hair would be parted and teased back in this hairstyle. It surely leaves your hair soft and flowing. If you have thin hair then this hairstyle will make it look fuller. You can wear this one to a party or a night out. This is a lively hairstyle for fun loving women.

The Rachel haircut

This haircut is named after the character, ‘Rachel Green’ from Friends. Jennifer Aniston sported this haircut for a few season of Friends. This is a layered, bouncy haircut with highlights and lowlights. Perfect for short hair, this one makes your hair look fuller. Check out some enjoy hair products and pick the ones which can keep this hairstyle in place for a longer time. Use the Enjoy Professional hair care strong holding gel to do this.

Messy ponytail

This is an ultimate lazy girl hairstyle sported by various celebrities. Easy to make, this is a stylish hairstyle that requires little styling time. It helps you keep your hair in place without making it look stiff or stitched. Dressed up or down, this hairstyle can be worn neatly. You can tie your ponytail back or swept it to the side. Ponytails are the hottest way to look dazzling for any occasion. Don’t forget to finish this haircut with a shimmery headband.

French Twist

This is an elegant hairstyle. Try the classic French twist if you want to look great for a prom and weddings. You can also wear this haircut loosely for a more casual look. You can use some hair products to keep this hairstyle intact for longer. Also, use hair jewelry to finish of the look. Use the DoubleAccent hair jewelry five petal rose bun stick to beautify your French twist. Perfect for brides, this hair accessory comes with clear color and lots of elegance.

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