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One of the marvels of rustic Italian cooking is the panini. A warmed sandwich pressed between crusty bread is a thing of beauty. It’s a marvel of a meal because of its delicious simplicity, very few ingredients are needed to make this Italian sandwich but because of the heat the press its flavors are compounded into something complex. So as long as you have a quality panini press and good bread you can create this simply delicious sandwich at home.

Panini’s any time of day

These versatile sandwiches are good anytime of the day! If you add some organic or locally farmed eggs, paper thin prosciutto (Italian version of bacon), and fresh organic basil, you have a breakfast sandwich that will put the McMuffin to shame. Panini’s can also be a lunch or dinner time staple with your favorite organic breads, cheeses, and deli meats or fresh veggies.

But have you ever thought about having a panini for dessert? Think warm crusty and toasted bread, with a gooey chocolate, peanut butter, and banana center; delectable and simple.

Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Panini

Organic Chocolate, Peanut butter, Banana panini1. Plug in your Breville Dou Panini Press, and begin to preheat. While your panini maker is warming up, you can begin to build panini.

2. Spread organic butter on all sides of your organic or local bread. I recommend a bread that doesn’t have holes in it because all your filling will leak out. You want bread that isn’t too soft and isn’t “cut up your mouth” crusty, I would try a nice local and organic ciabatta bread as a happy medium. If you have a favorite bread then by all means use that.

3. Add a few pieces of good organic chocolate to one of the pieces of bread creating a level surface. Then top that with a spoonful of natural peanut butter. Take a banana and slice it down the middle, then half it again. Put at least one of the quarters into the sandwich; if you can get another piece add it. This recipe is all about personal preferences.

4. Top the sandwich with the other piece of bread and a sprinkle of sea salt, it’ll actually bring out the sweetness of the sandwich. Put the Panini into the press and close the lid. You want the bread to golden and the chocolate and the peanut butter to have become gooey.

5. Remove carefully, slice in half, and enjoy!

If you have any organic panini recipe’s for breakfast, lunch , dinner, or dessert please let us know with comments and pictures below!

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