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It can be very frustrating when you get a manicure and then your nails chip right away. I have always had this problem with nail chipping and so even if I wanted longer and shapely nails, they really wouldn’t sustain for a longer time. UV light for nails are perfect for quick and thorough drying to ensure that your nails don’t chip or smudge.

Basically it protects the nails while providing a drying therapy too. Check out the thermal spa automatic UV gel light nail dryer can be used to reduce nail curing time for professional U/V top coat and gel applications. The model comfortably accommodates two hands or feet and you can get the maximum UV reflection design using 3 bulbs.

If you are using protective nail polishes then it really makes sense to dry your nails using these UV lights. The result is that brittle and easily breakable nails stay put for longer periods. Gel manicures are another solution to prevent nail breakage and get those shapely and long nails that you always desired. You can do this at home using gel nail polish.

The gel manicure simply includes application of gel nails to make your hands more attractive. They last for a longer period and for those who have very brittle nails, it is a good way to maintain shapely nails. You get natural looking nails in the comfort of your home, without spending a fortune on professional ones.

Check out this NaiLuv professional gel polish starter kit to give your nails the ‘luv’ they deserve. The kit includes everything you need for applying and removing gel nail polish. The end result is that you get high-shine, long-lasting, smudge-resistant and chip-proof finish. As a rule of thumb, do follow the post care and maintenance instructions too so that these nails last for a longer time.

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