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One of the best things about summer is a summer rain. Running, dancing, splashing through the warm rain is one of the most fun memories about childhood. But what if you could take that perfect warm rain into your shower every day? And what if while enjoying a shower that felt as good as a summer rain you could be saving water and money? Upgrade your shower head to a rain shower head and you can make this fantasy a reality.

Let the rain come down

On average when we shower, we waste about 20 gallons of water for a five minute shower. Now think about your morning shower, unless you’re a speed racer no one showers in under five minutes. So for your average 15 minute shower, including water warm up, you’re wasting 60 gallons of water to get fresh and clean. This waste is why many eco-friendly households are switching to these low flow or rain shower heads.

You’re probably wondering how these rain shower heads save you water and money. Some of these shower heads are low flow so they’re lowering the amount of water that comes through them per minute, but they’re so powerful you won’t notice the difference.

One of the best rain shower heads is the Panda Rain Shower Head by Evolve. Instead of conserving your water, this rain shower head actually has special ShowerStart technology that saves the hot water that gets wasted before you even get in the shower. Panda’s ShowerStart technology actually saves you time, money and hot water all at once without giving up any water pressure!

How the Panda Rain Shower Works:

  1. Turn on your shower to get the water warm and go about your morning until you’re ready hop in and get fresh and clean.
  2. The Panda Rain Shower head actually cuts the flow of the water to a trickle once the water reaches 95 degrees, which is average showering temperature. So once you hear the drip, drip, drip, you know your shower’s ready for you.
  3. When you get in, you just pull a special cord that lets the shower know it can go back to a normal rain falling flow. Enjoy a luxurious spa like rain shower for as long as you’d like.
  4. When you’re done showering turn it off like any other shower, but know that you didn’t waste any hot water and that you’ll be saving at least $45 a year in water heating costs.

One extra tip to help you save even more water and money is to put a bucket in your shower and let it fill up with the cold water as it warms up. Use that cold water to water your plants or wash your car, that way it’s not going down the drain.

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