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Stoneware has been well known for cooking and serving food. Its durability and heat-resisting properties are unmatched. It can be kept in the oven or microwave easily. And since it is made out of clay at high temperatures, it will not break or chip. Besides cooking, this material serves as a great dinnerware set. It is possible that stoneware dinnerware  is currently the most popular crockery, featuring quite elegant and ornate designs that make your dining table look stunning.

Stoneware sets are also known for their sturdiness. Things made of this material can be kept for years without a bit of worry. A good quality stoneware set will neither look old and rusty, nor will it tarnish. It is non reactive, meaning that it will not effect how your food tastes.

Moreover, it is very easy to clean and maintain. There are several manufacturers who offer fabulous dinnerware sets in beautiful patterns to adorn your dining table. It gives an unparalleled satisfaction to eat food that is well served, and served in such dishes as stoneware. Here are some of the stoneware dinnerware sets you should take a look at. They are beautiful, reliable, and most importantly affordable. Take a look:

  • Pflatzgraff Rio 16-Piece Dinnerware Set is a beautiful set in which you can serve up a cool and casual supper. It comes with plates, bowls, and mugs. This one is sturdy enough for everyday dining usage, yet it is sophisticated enough for more formal occasions.
  • Scavo is another 16-piece dinnerware set with Swirl Salad Plate. This one is beautifully designed with an earthen look made up of warm metallics and rustic texture. The pieces are crafted with a woodcut rim, except for the the salad plate, which is available with a swirl rim that can be layered in for graphic variation.
  • Paula Deen Southern Gathering Brown is yet another 16-piece Dinnerware Set (Brown Stoneware). The elegant Southern Gathering Collection dinnerware set was designed with an eye toward approachable sophistication and a touch of rustic flair. The dinnerware set is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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