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Here at Be in Style we are all about taking risks with new looks and changing up your style whenever  you can. And while our next post isn’t about pushing limits, it is about what you can do to really show off your style which is something else that we love on our dear fashion blog. Keep reading to see what you can do to make yourself an outfit that you will not only love but will get all the compliments you deserve on it.

When it comes to fashion, it’s all about having essentials. And other than making sure you own jeans and a little black dress, there are a few more pieces that we think that women should consider adding to their wardrobe that can open their clothes to a whole new world of possibilities. This simple item is nothing more than a pair of white skinny jeans. They’re different than your classic blue denim pair because they create a completely different effect depending on what else you’re wearing that day.

Outfit ideas

What can you wear with a pair of white skinny jeans? Well it’s simple really. We suggest pairing it with hues that are in the metallic range. Pairing it with something like a silver sequin top is one really easy way to show off the vividness of the white and make it stand out. Since it is the winter time (and well after the time frame of worrying about Labor Day) white jeans are a great bottom to have on hand for walking around on a busy street running errands or playing with the kids.

Cleaning tips

Another tip to consider when donning those amazing pants is to keep them as clean and crisp as possible. The down side to these jeans is that unfortunately if you spill something on them you can’t brush it off with a napkin, that stain is there all day. What can you do to prevent a mess that can never come out? First step is to scotch guard. The other thing is they need to be washed more frequently; they can’t have the lapse in washes like their blue counterpart, they need to be washed regularly for them to stay white.

Another tip is to make sure that when you decide to use bleach, make sure that the material is made out of 100 percent cotton. If they aren’t then they’ll just turn yellow and we don’t want that. Make sure to use that dryer on low heat and try to do two rinse cycles to get out anything else you’re worried about.

That should about do it when it comes to making sure that your white pants are as brilliant as the day that you first bought them. Store them in a place where they won’t get dirty and you’ll be good to go! What are your favorite pants that aren’t blue denim? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jessamine Casia

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