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Administering medication to your dog or cat as a lot of us know is not the easiest of tasks. I remember it would take three of us at home to give our dog Jazz his medication. One of us would hold his front paws down and the other would hold on to his hind paws to prevent him from running away. And the third one had the hardest task, opening Jazz’s mouth wide while trying to drop the powdered tablet down his mouth and all the while trying to save fingers from getting bitten in the bargain. But things have improved now and it’s not such a gargantuan task as you have help on hand in the form of some interesting products and tips. Take a look here:

If you have to administer tablets to your pet dog, find out from the veterinarian if it can be powdered and mixed with his food. If allowed to, mix the tablet into a small portion of his favorite food and give it to him. Otherwise tablets or caplets like Novox that are given to dogs for treating arthritis pain and inflammation can be hidden inside dog food or other strongly favored foods that your pet likes.

Another way you can give the Novox is by inserting the caplet deep into the dog’s throat. This can be a little tricky. You’ll have to hold your pet tight and open the jaw and insert the pill deep down without hurting or causing your dog to gag. You can also use a pill gun to insert the tablet deep down the throat so your fingers are safe.

If you’re administering liquid medicine, it’s easier as you can mix it with small quantities of dog food. If you’re not allowed to mix the medication with the food, use a syringe or a dropper to get the medicine down your pet’s throat.

Feeding tongs like the Zoo Med feeding tongs are easy to use and allow you to hand feed your pet safely. The stainless steel tongs are hygienic and great to feed or administer medicines to birds, reptiles, aquarium fish or small animals.

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  1. Jules Says:

    I have to hide The Smooshy’s pills deep, deep into a pile of meat. LOL I would put it with a treat or with some chow and he became extremely skilled at identifying it and picking and/or spitting it out. Those pill poppers work kinda good too except they smell TERRIBLE, which to me indicates they’re full of chemical.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

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