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There are a lot of small things that comprise of dental hygiene outside of the regular brushing. Of course, it absolutely makes sense to pick your favorite from the toothbrushes sale because for most people, brushing is one of the major procedures involved in dental hygiene. But for those who want to ensure complete oral health care and avoid those expensive dental treatments, then you surely need something more than just brushing.

No, it doesn’t mean that you will never have to visit the dentist. Regular checkups are still advised, but you can be assured of fewer dental problems. Here are a few steps that you can implement into your daily routine for better dental hygiene-

1. Floss

The benefits of flossing are many. It helps to get rid of the hidden food particles, dental plaque and germs that hide in the tooth gaps. Also, you should make sure that you floss correctly, which involves curving the floss in a ‘c’ shape, against the side of the tooth. Incorrect or vigorous flossing can lead to gum bleeding and damage.

You can make more flossing more interesting by opting for products like DenTek Fun Flossers for your kids. The bright and fruit flavored making your kids want to floss and develop good dental habits at an early age.

2. Brushing

It s is equally important to brush the right way too, whether you have an electric toothbrush, like a Sonicare or Oral B, or if you have a manual toothbrush. Make sure that you brush gently, and use a series of vertical and horizontal movements to get rid of all hidden germs. You should also replace your toothbrush every 6 months and there are both manual and electric and how there are discount and inexpensive methods to do this.

3. Mouthwash

Post brushing; do use a mouthwash regularly because it helps to combat the re-growth of germs. Also, it helps to get rid of bad breath problems.

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