Warm your home the old fashioned way this winter


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Take a look at some innovative ideas here to help you keep your home warm and snug the old-fashioned way. Pick one of these traditional items this winter to make your home a cozy place.

Walk around the house to check all the windows and doors

Get out of the house and walk around. Check every single door and window. Heat escapes through the doors and windows. So, make sure there are no holes in them. Install new doors and windows is they are not in a good shape.

Use thermostatic radiator valves

Shut the doors properly in order to reduce draughts. Make sure that you shut the doors to unheated areas of the house. Ensure that the radiators are used efficiently in all the rooms. Fit insulated reflective foil behind the radiators on outer walls of the home. All this actually reduces the heat leakage through the wall. This is one of the simplest tricks to keep a home cozy.

Pick an affordable wood burning stove

You’ll find a lot of companies have put their wood burning stoves for sale. Tylo sauna heaters are known for their high quality, durability, innovative features and all round superior performance.  This is an all wood-fired sauna stove featuring an ash hatch, a grate shuttle and rear/top flue connection options. It comes with a unique heat retaining design. Made from heavy weight and thick steel, it casts a warm glow through its glass, creating a cozy atmosphere. Use real flame premium gel fuel for your stove. This gel emits no soot, no smoke and no ashes. Made with high grade isopropyl alcohol, the real flame gel fuel is a must for winter.

Use rubber draft excluder on doors and windows

Buy a roll of rubber draft excluder for all your windows and doors. This will stop the precious warmth of the house to go out.

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