What furniture to get a safari lover


zebra blanket, zebra couch

If shopping for someone who likes safari animals and the idea of a safari, there are a lot of great furniture items available. For fashionistas, there is something incredibly chic about animal print accents.

Animal safety is still kept in mind though. All of these furniture pieces are made from cloth and other similar upholstery, which is not made from animal extracts or products. These days you can also get faux leather in similar designs instead of picking the real thing. Here are a couple of ideas for accents and statement pieces for the safari theme décor

1. Zebra blanket

Zebra blankets by CafePress are a cute and sensible gift for almost anyone. These are adored by Zebra lovers as it is covered with the fun and exotic Zebra print. You can relax with a good book while you snuggle under this super-soft throw blanket. This can be used on the couch, or on your bed for an evening of lazing around.

The decorative aspect of the blanket is also very fashion forward. Use it on plane sheets for a classy and elegant appeal or merge it with other animal prints to spruce up the décor of your home. But like other patterns, be careful about having too many in one room or it can appear busy and cluttered.

zebra couch

2. Zebra couch

I love the concept of zebra couches too because they are subtle in design and yet so trendy. The thing about zebra prints is that they are exotic but simple in their own way. You can merge them with colors of your choice for creating a color block effect with other bright solid colors.

Again, avoid overdoing the safari look. It usually works best as fun accents, so create contrasts and blend plain with prints for a fashionable touch to your home décor.

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