What is a springform pan?


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If you are a die-hard cook like me and swear by the recipes of Nigella Lawson or Rachel Allen, then you probably know what a springform pan. But for those who are new to the world of cooking, you definitely need to have one of these. So let me give you an insight on why these pans are one of the must-have utensils in your kitchen.

What is a springform pan?

Basically this is a kind of pan only, but comes with removable sides. It has a strip of metal attached up the sides that are ring shaped. Usually, this is comes with adjustable latches or buckles that help it stay put. You can simply snap the latch onto place and tighten the ring. On unlatching, the ring expands and is easily removable.

Can you use it for baking?

Of course you can use it for baking. In fact, I think this is one of the most essential baking items for getting the perfect cake. It is so problematic to overturn a take and not get that perfect round. But with the springform pan, you can just remove the ring and take out the cake in a jiffy to get the perfect round.

Usually, the regular springform pans come with a single base with a round platform, which may be either dimpled or smooth. The dimpled ones are perfect for the heavier concoctions or even for crumb crust recipes. Opt for interchangeable ones to get double benefits.

These days you get a variety of shapes in these pans like heart shaped mini springform pans. They are exactly similar in style and design to their larger counterparts, but are more sensible for those who want to try different shapes or bake smaller cakes. And for anyone new to the world of baking, do get one of these to start off with perfectly shaped cakes!

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  1. Jennay Says:

    I love using the springform pans to bake my goodies in! They come in very handy and are mess free! I usually place parchment paper inside and around the ring and it just comes out perfectly!

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