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twinstar media fireplace, electric fireplace media center

While a real log fire may be out of reach for a lot of people in rented apartments or smaller apartments and houses, an electric fireplace can be an excellent alternative. In fact, I wouldn’t call it an alternative. I would actually say an electric fireplace has far more advantages to it than a real one. Take a look at some features that an electric fireplace can offer:

A fireplace is a must when living in extremely cold regions with severe winters. Real fireplaces need real wood and on a steady, daily pace; the fireplace and the chimney need to be cleaned regularly and you actually need to go through the process of lighting a fire daily.

An electric fireplace looks beautifully real, with real-looking logs and flames. There’s no tiresome cleaning up to do with an electric fireplace. And the fireplace has to just be plugged into standard electrical outlets for all that delicious warmth. Installing an electrical fireplace is easy with no major remodeling and it can fit into compact spaces. You get them in different models.

Portable or free-standing electric fireplaces

These fireplaces can be moved to any place convenient and where there’s an electrical outlet. They’re also good for big rooms where there’s need for additional warmth.

Twin-star media fireplace

Featuring a small mantel, this fireplace is perfect for any room. It operates with and without heat. It provides supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet. A Twin-star fireplace comes with a remote control and locking furniture casters to make it easily transportable. The top can also be used as a tray and makes way for additional storage.

The electric fireplace media center

This TV and media console provides multi-functional cabinets for storage and offers a heating source. You will have enough space to store your DVD player, DVD’s and other media requirements and electronic equipment. An Atwood media console electric fireplace has a wonderful walnut finish. It has enough storage areas to reduce clutter. The thermostat settings can adjust flame speed and brightness.

Wall mount electric fireplaces

These need very little space and without taking up any floor space. They’re ideal for small apartments and work areas. They’re available in traditional and modern looks. They’re also available in regular wall or corner models.

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