What you need in order to being your boxing training


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Boxing is a sport that requires tremendous discipline and hard work. It is perhaps the toughest sports around. In addition to that you would also require quite a bit of equipment. Here are a few things you’ll need as an aspiring boxer in order to begin your training.

Heavy Bag

One of the first and probably one of the most important things you would require for training would be an outdoor heavy bag. Among the heavy bags available the ones from Everlast are quite good. It would be good to start with a lower weight bag and then gradually progress further to heavier bags. The Everlast 100 lb Nevatear Bag is a great bag that is quite durable and tough. This bag will provide you with the best aerobic and anaerobic workout. They are great for strength training workouts which are essential as a boxer. This bag features the proprietary Nevatear® construction which makes this a tough and durable bag. It is designed after their professional line of boxing bags.


Apart from a heavy bag you would also require a good set of boxing gloves. Without proper boxing gloves it will be almost impossible to become a successful boxer. Boxing gloves that are usually worn by most boxers weigh in between 10 to 16 oz. If you are using a speed bag then you would have to wear a 10 oz glove. For practicing on mitts and heavy bags you would have to wear 12 oz gloves. For a professional boxing fight, you would have to have at least 14 or 16 oz. gloves.

Head Gear

Head gear is quite important and quite a few boxers don’t usually like wearing it during training. Experienced and professional boxers will tell you that they always wear head gear at all times and especially during sparring sessions. It is essential that you keep your head protected at all times. It is important for both an experienced as well as an aspiring boxer.

Apart from these you could also get yourself a boxing ring in case you have empty space in your backyard.

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