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There are several products in the market these days that are designed to help baby get accustomed to the new world they are facing. These products are made in away that would stimulate their minds, bodies and even give them endless hours of entertainment. In the past walkers were purchased to keep the baby occupied. They were quite popular as they allowed the baby to move around before they could walk.

The array of baby walkers that are available today are far better from past that allow them much safety as well as versatility. A modern baby walker has many uses and benefits because of which they are gaining in a lot of popularity. These are more accepted as they are multi-functioning items at a reasonable price. Here are three baby walker alternatives for your toddler that are great.

Combination walkers

There are baby walkers that serve as activity centers. These walkers can actually be converted from walkers to rockers and stationary centers. The stabilizer pad in them allows use as a stationary entertainment center. When fixed at a place, the baby can go around playing with the whole lot of toys and activities on them. The retractable rockers let your child remain active, while restricting mobility. This 3-in-1 comes from Rock N Roll Activity Center Walker by Combi USA. It provides a playful, fun and stimulating experience for your growing child.

Parent-Assisted walkers

These are great walkers since a direct parent interaction happens with the child. These walkers are simply a harness with a two long straps attached. The parents holds onto the baby’s arms with the straps while the child practices to walk. The adult helps in maintaining balance of the child while they transition from one foot to the other Consider getting ‘Little Dundi My Early Steps’, or ‘The Juppy’ baby walker in this category.

Activity walkers

There are fabulous activity baby walkers that provide full entertainment center on wheels. Your toddler is going to have great fun while learning to walk. I actually tried a Fisher Price musical activity walker for my son and he is always laughing as he moves around in it. You could even check for Big Oshi 2 in 1 Baby Activity Walker and Rocker that is a baby walker as well as a bouncer with loads of activity and fun contributing to sensory development.

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