3 compartment sinks will make you a kitchen multi-tasker


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If you’re a serious home cook or if you happen to run a catering business out of your home one of the greatest investments you can make in your kitchen is a 3 compartment sink. These large, multi-bowl sinks are great for washing commercial sized dishes, prepping large amounts of food, and so much more.

We’ve all had that moment where we need more room in the sink. You know those days where washing the dishes just isn’t going to happen but the sink is so full it’s now becoming an architectural feat of genus how you’re stacking all these dirty dishes on top of another. What about the time you decided to make lasagna to feed your whole neighborhood for the block party, you know all those pans are going to need to soak and regular sink won’t cut it. On days like those you’ll be so glad you got a large Franke kitchen sink.

Meet Franke

Franke was founded in Switzerland 1911 and by 1929 they had perfect the art of making sinks and wash basins. They now operate on a global scale selling their top notch kitchen products all over the globe. They are the worlds largest manufacture of sinks and currently on the forefront of research and development in new products for the kitchen and newer, stronger, better materials to create them from. If you want quality you can trust, you want a Franke sink.

Mulit-tasking Master

When you have a 3 compartment sink, you become the master of kitchen multi-tasking. With a 3 compartment sink you can soak those hard to wash dishes in one section, wash dishes in the middle, and in the third section you can let those dishes dry on an in sink drying rack, giving you much more counter space. Just think washing all your produce when you come home from the farmers market will be a snap with three sinks to work with. Sanitizing your children’s toys, pet’s toys, and food bowls can all be done at once in each separate compartment.  The multi-tasking possibilities are truly endless with these sinks.

If you have a 3 compartment sink, let us know how you love it and how much more you can get done at once with comments and picture below.

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