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Sometimes guests only give you a few minute warning before they decide to make a visit to your home. These unexpected guests can cause quite a lot of stress. Automatically we start frantically cleaning, picking up the home, and opening the windows to air the home out. During the winter especially, you like to keep your heater on and windows shut to keep the warmth in. However, this can cause the air smell stale. Therefore you might want to check out the following tips if you want your home to have a fresh smell even in the winter.

Install exhaust fans in the house

Install exhaust fans in the kitchen and bedroom for a fresh atmosphere. An exhaust fan draws the air and moisture in and throws it out of the house. This really improves ventilation and protects you against humidity. An exhaust fan can also remove contaminants and weird smells from the air.

Choose the right ceiling and house fans

Go for ceiling fans with more than three blades. Check out the Emerson Prado Tommy Bahama fans if you want a classy as well as practical option. These fans come with a classy antique silver finish and five brown blades. Also, check out the Emerson ceiling fans featuring accent lighting. There are some fans that come with remote controls. These fans don’t just circulate your room’s air in a better way but they also offer you a lot of convenience. Don’t forget to pick a good whole house fan. A lot of Cool Attic whole house fans come with shutters also. These fans keep your home pretty, fresh and well-ventilated by throwing the hot air out and bringing the cool air in. These are necessary especially for those hot summer months.

Equip your home with an attic vent

Lack of attic ventilation is one of the major causes of bad smell in the air. It can also make stagnant air get trapped and penetrate the attic floor. This will ultimately affect the entire house.

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