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No baby shower is complete without a couple of fun games. There are so many different ones to choose from, however one of my favorites is Baby Shower Bingo. These Bingo cards are not like any ordinary Bingo cards. They have images relating to babies like bottles, little ducklings, rattles, etc. to go along with the Baby Shower! Bingo is such a classic game that everyone will love.

Another simple and exciting game is based off of the hit TV show ‘The Price is Right’ where you have a variety of different baby products and each guest has to guess the retail price of the item and whoever is closest wins and receives points, at the end whoever has the most points wins their own fun prize while the mom-to-be gets to keep the baby products people were guessing.

You can also try ‘Match the Baby Picture’ with each guest where you ask the guests to bring in their own baby picture and then you have to guess who is who.

One more creative game is to get a bunch of plain white onesies and buy some fabric markers and have each guest create their own unique design on the white onsie for the baby.  You can add a personal message or something cute, and the mom-to-be gets some adorable personalized onsies for her baby that will make her smile every time she dresses her baby. This one does not have to be a competition, but you can make it one by having the mom-to-be choose a winner!

With any of these games you can’t go wrong and ensure that all of the guests have a fabulous time at the Baby Shower.

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