Put and edge to nighttime aches and pain with a bed wedge


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Is there really anything worse than a broken night’s sleep? Being woken from a restful slumber because of aches and pains you can’t control is not only frustrating but it’s bad for your health. But what if you could do something simple to fix these sleepy woes? You can, all you need is special pillow.

What is a bed wedge?

A bed wedge, or rather a special foam wedge, is like a pillow that you can place on your bed under your sheets to help support certain parts of your body while you sleep. You can buy foam bed wedges that act as pillows, wedges that incline your torso, or wedges that lift your and support your legs and spine. These wedges are made from strong supportive materials like foam that give your body the support it needs to ease pain while you sleep.

How can it help your sleep?

There are four major ways that using an orthopedic pillow when you sleep can help and heal your body:

  1. Depending on the type of wedge you choose, these pillows can reduce stress and tension from the back by supporting the spine, the hips, the knees, and the shoulders.
  2. These pillows also support the weight of your head, which will help to prevent pain neck problems and morning headaches.
  3. By supporting your back and spine it helps to regulate your breathing, which will help you achieve deeper and more restful sleep.
  4. These pillows will not fall flat like a normal pillow because of the special foam so they’ll support you all night long no matter how much you toss and turn

These pillows also can help people who suffer from acid reflux, sleep apnea, lumbar region pain, hip and knee pain, and general sleep discomfort. Try one today and you won’t believe how much better you sleep. If you already have a bed wedge let us know how much you love it and how well you sleep with a comment below!

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