Benefits and differences in a front versus top load washer


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A lot of people assume that the front load and top load washers have same functions and features, apart from the design, but that is not true… So here’s an insight about the same. Both the washers provide a good cleaning experience that includes draining, rinsing and spinning. But when it comes to efficiency and overall value, the front load machines and dryers do take the cake-

  • Energy efficient dryers like the lg dryer consume much lesser energy than their top load counterparts. They are Energy Star labeled and hence are good for the environment. They also mean less wear and tear as gravity is at work when it comes to them.
  • Washers like the lg washer tend to use only a third of the top water as compared to the top loading variations. Again, you are conserving the environment and adding to your savings.
  • Most kinds of front loading washers have a companion dryer, which is not possible for most top loaders. Also, you save more floor space.
  • On the whole, the cost of the top loaders is definitely lower than the front loaders, but if you do the math, then in the long run you are saving on electricity, water and lots of other things… And of course, being environment friendly is priceless!

However, a lot of people do have a problem with kneeling and bending with the front loaders. But then, this little bit of exercise is surely helpful, so I wouldn’t call that a disadvantage. Also, there are some units can hold more clothes but use up more water. So this way you aren’t actually helping the environment.

If you do the comparison, then the front load is surely a greener product and would be a sensible choice for those who are green at heart! Do go for the combo of the washer and dryer to save more on electricity and conserve the environment too.

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