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Nike compression shorts, running wear

Compression wear is one of the most necessary accessories for women who are seriously into sports, exercise training or other similar forms of physical training. There are many benefits of compression wear for women, especially post pregnancy. The idea is that they provide ample support and cushioning and aid in proper circulation. It also helps in reducing swelling and dealing with problems like thrombosis. They wick away sweat, reduce chafing and in turn rashes that come from chafing.

Here are some different kinds of compression clothes that women need-

1. Shorts

Nike compression shorts are a safe bet for women who are into running and gyming. These reduce friction and create a sleek fit. The seamless construction makes them wearable under dresses too so if you are going for rigorous training post work, you can wear them underneath rather than carrying them separately.

2. Tank tops and tees

Be it running wear or other similar gear, these tees are scientifically proven sports compression clothing. Check out the Skins A200 compression tank top that will flatter your body and hold in any wobbly bits. It has a unique scientifically proven engineered gradient compression that improves circulation, helps you get more fresh oxygen to your muscles and is of great support when training.

3. Socks

Compression socks are of vital importance and are made from specialized hosiery that has been designed to help prevent the occurrence of venous disorders. It also prevents there further progression. It keeps problems like edema, phlebitis and thrombosis at bay. The garment fits well around the limb, compressing it while improving venous blood flow velocity along with valve effectiveness.

4. Bras

Compression bras are suggested for women with bigger cup sizes. What these do is push the breast against the chest wall to restrict movements and jerks. These are especially suitable for runners and prevent breast sagging and pain due to rigorous movements.

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