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Happy Wednesday! This week we are featuring five amazing women’s blogs in our Best of the Web: Be @ Home edition number 79. This week you may notice a bit of a foodie theme, all of these fantastic bloggers are also home cooks or boneified chefs, and their fun, exciting, and easy to follow recipes are going to have you licking your screen! This week I present to you Charis, Poorna, Cameron, Tara, and Melissa, five amazing lifestyle and cooking bloggers who are sure to become you’re go to’s for all things foodie! Bon Apatite.


Charis, the author of CulinaryStorm

CulinaryStorm is all things food and funny. A blog with easy recipes you’d love to try, funny stories that’ll make you smile, and food reviews which will make you very, very hungry. It’s raining food!


Presented By P
Poorna author of Presented By P

I started off writing emails to friends and family members, after a large group of them left town, and wanted recipes for quick and easy to prepare meals. I decided to write recipes in a blog. I also received requests from friends who would ask my opinion of a restaurant or pub, and I started adding them too. Today, Presented by P is a blog based out of Kolkata, India, where I present my opinion about food and lifestyle, with easy recipes that can be made with a short list of ingredients, and I hope it helps people who are looking for it.


Krug the Thinker
Cameron the Author of Krug the Thinker

I started my blog as a creative outlet during my last semester of work on my dissertation, and the time I spend on it is still my favorite part of every day. My blog is all about finding beauty in everyday life and celebrating creativity in its many forms. I write about crafts and DIY, recipes, style, travel, my newlywed adventures in Southern California, and whatever else strikes my fancy! I love having the opportunity to connect with other writers and bloggers. Come on by any time–I would love to meet you and hear about what you’re working on too!


C’est La Vie
Tara, the author of C'est La Vie

My tag-line is “Daily adventures in the life & times of me”; that about sums it up! I like to blog about what I’m doing &, what I’m thinking about more-or-less every day. Sometimes it’s a recipe, or a childhood memory. Other times it’s more like a diary of what I did over my weekend. I started it as a way to be more aware of what’s going on in my life, to stop letting it pass me by and to help me see adventure in the mundane.


Melissa Loh
Melissa, the author of Melissa Loh

Like superheroes and (most) evil geniuses, Melissa works a day job to support her culinary experiments, and pursuit for the spicy and the scrumptious across Brisbane and wherever her travels take her. Then, she writes it all down, because her memory is shocking. This translates into ‘Melissa loves drooling all over the internet’ and torturing people with induced hunger pangs is all part of her diabolical plan to take over the world.

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  1. poorna@ presentedbyp Says:

    Thank you for choosing my site, Presented by P. Glad to be associated with you!

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