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A lot of things can cause fire in a house. Changing the batteries of your fire alarm on a regular basis can protect your home from fire. Changing the batteries can help you make sure that the fire alarm is always working well. Here are some more ideas that may help you keep your home safe.

Take necessary precautions to keep your home protected

Precaution is your best option and that’s why it is important to take those precautions for your home. Accidentally leaving the gas stove on, or forgetting about a burning candle can easily cause a fire. Most fires start from absentmindedness, so make sure that you are constantly aware and double checking your candles and appliances like the oven, stovetop, even your hair straightener or curling iron. If you are someone who likes to have lots of candles in their home, pick some cute fire pots to decorate the house. The Obession Green Napa FireLite is an ideal and safe piece for a dining table, a coffee table, and even the outdoors. Just make sure you do not place it near your curtains.

Pick good quality smoke detectors

Almost every home and commercial building has smoke detectors today but is your smoke detector efficient enough? You can check its efficiency by taking a lit fire-pot close to it. A lot of residents and business owners prefer the First Alert Photoelectric smoke and fire alarm. This one alerts you to smoke and fire with a loud 85 decibel alarm. This alarm uses photoelectric sensing technology which is more effective when it comes to detecting smoldering fires.

Keep a regular check on all electronic item cords

This is to make sure that the cords of all your electronic items are in good working shape. Wherever necessary, replace the cords that are worn out. Also, make sure you are not overloading the circuits. Use one plug per receptacle.

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