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Water is the most important ingredient in our body. Therefore it is necessary to be extra conscious with your water intake, however it is also a known fact that pollution is a culprit for causing unhealthy drinking water. This is the reason you want to switch to bottled water or get reverse osmosis filters. However, there is another water filter called the whole house water filtration system that can be rated first over the others.

A whole house water filtration system protects your family from a lot of water contaminants that cause illness and allergies. A whole house water filtration system ensures clean and safe filtered water from every faucet in the house. The appliance removes chlorine and fluoride at the entrance. Therefore these fumes are no longer in the air ensuring good health for the family. Other reasons why this system is the best water filter for your home are as follows:

Safe Drinking Water

Besides containing chlorine and fluoride, tap water also has lead and arsenic. Not only this, Environmental Working Group in a report found that there are more than 140 contaminants without safety limits in regular drinking water. These contaminants that are excreted into sewage treatment find their way into our waterways.  All this plus with pesticides and herbicides from agricultural waste produce a lethal chemical cocktail for us to drink! A whole house water filtration system is capable of removing all of these contaminants.

Removes Chlorine and Fluoride.

Showers and dishwashers produce a large amount of concentrated chlorine fumes. These fumes are responsible for major causes of asthma. We breathe in these fumes while showering, bathing and washing dishes. Knowing that the bath and shower water is filtered gives you peace of mind.


Clothes last longer and are softer after the heavy metals have been removed during filtration.

Household appliances

Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines, irons, kettles and even the faucets will last longer without the calcification that happens from lime scale.

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