Best ways to get rid of bees and wasps


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After a long winter, spring and summer can’t come soon enough for most of us. But enjoying the outdoors and relaxing in your backyard during these seasons can sometimes be ruined by the reemergence of bees and wasps. While bees are naturally good for the garden, too many are not good. Here is a guide to regulating the population of unwanted and too many bees and wasps in your home and backyard.

While honey is the most delicious benefits of bees, both bees and wasps sometimes decide to make their home and nests in the walls and ceilings of structures. This results in mold, rotting and even worse, these insects making their way into your home.

One way of getting rid of bees and wasps is to first find their nest and then pump them out with a wasp spray. Evening times are the best to spray the nest. Stomp Wasp & Hornet spray knocks out wasp and hornet’s nests easily. It can be sprayed up to 15-20 feet indoors or outdoors wherever there are nests. The best time to spray is at night when the insects have all returned to the nest. This product is safe to use in hospitals, schools, home attics and basements, patios and warehouses.

Apart from using wasp spray, you can set a wasp trap outside in your garden or near the nest. A wasp trap like the one from Crates & Barrel ceramic party saver has a yellow glaze and is cute to look at. All you have to do is fill it with sugar or water mixture and set it outdoors and watch the wasps become attracted and fall into it. It is cleverly designed and has a removable top to make it easy to clean. You can also hang decorative lanterns like the Premier Designs lantern wasp trap that work on the same principle like the ceramic wasp trap.

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