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The NFL season might have reached its conclusion but there are plenty of sports still to come. The NHL season has begun and is well under way. The MLB season is also gearing up for a start on the 1st of April as well. This would be a great time to invest in a new TV keeping in mind these sporting events.

Watching the game live at the stadium is definitely a great experience but it does get difficult to go for all the games. This is why a good large screen TV would be perfect to watch your favorite games at home. You could also host a sports night with your friends if you had a good large screen TV. Watching your favorite sports on TV allows you to keep track of your favorite players and follow the action while clearly viewing the different plays. All you need is a good HDTV and you can have a great time watching your favorite teams in action at home.

When it comes to getting a TV, you should focus on the size of the TV. The larger the screen size, the more the viewing pleasure. Before buying a large screen TV you should also make sure the room is large enough and there is sufficient distance between you and the TV. There is no point buying a 72 inch TV when the maximum distance between you and the TV is about 6 feet. The minimum size you should be looking at for a large screen TV would be about 42 inches. A LED based 42 TV would be the perfect size to view your favorite sports with your friends.

With a projection TV you could host outdoor barbecues while watching your favorite sport in your back yard. Rear projection TV’s do not let ambient light interfere thanks to their high contrast ratios. This allows you to watch your favorite sports outdoors. All you need are some comfortable lawn chairs and you can have a relaxed afternoon watch your favorite sports with your friends.

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