Keep your chaise looking its best with slip covers


Chaise lounge cushion, image via Merchant

Chaise lounges are one of the most practical and comfortable pieces of furniture anyone can own. You can use them outdoors for patio seating and poolside lounging or you can use them indoors to add a more room to a couch or drama to a room. But, after a summer full of bright sun, chlorinated water, a winter full of rain, your dog Patches climbing all over them, and possibly some coffee or Merlot spilled on them I’ll bet your chaise lounge cushions are looking a little shabby.

But why spend the money and time replacing these outdoor and indoor furniture cushions when you don’t have to? Investing in chaise lounge slip covers will save you time, money, and keep you up to date on all the latest styles.

A Cover Up Connoisseur

If you haven’t heard about or haven’t used a slip cover in your life, you’ve been missing out. These specialty fitted pieces of fabric are life savers for those of us who “can’t have nice things”! Don’t like the tacky fabric the piece came with, cover it with a chic slip cover. Can’t believe you spilled a glass of wine all over your white cushions, no one will know under that slip cover. Who ever invented these things was a genius, and maybe a klutz.

If you’re chaise lounge is an outdoor piece of furniture, they make the chaise cushion slip covers or just chaise cushions that are water proof, or at the very least water resistant, that way when it rains and pours you’re covered.

Most slip cover fabrics are stain resistant and machine washable so you can change your chaise lounge cushion’s slip cover as often as you change your mood, style, or season. Here’s a style hint: always opt for brighter, cleaner, or even muted pastels in the spring and summer months they’ll add light and make your chaise the center of the room. In the cooler months opt for the warm colors of fall like mulled wine, rich browns, and leafy greens, and if the winter opt for the cool colors of the season such as white, ice blue, or silver.

If you have a chaise lounge, and its slip covered, let us know how much you love the chaise and cover with comments and pictures below.

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