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Buying an HDTV is a nightmare these days. There are so many different types of HDTVs  readily available that it does get confusing. The key things that you have to be aware  before buying a HDTV would be the brand and the type of display technology used.

Samsung is one of the best brands when it comes to HDTVs. They have some of the best HDTVs around. Their line of smart TVs is very popular these days. These TVs can download hundreds of apps from the Samsung app store. These apps allow you to play games, connect online with your friends, or even let you check the weather. They also have a very good line of 3D TVs that are really good.

Once you’ve decided on the brand it is time to choose the type of display technology used. Presently there are LCD TVs, Plasma TVs and LED TVs. LCD based TVs are the most commonly used ones these days.  They are relatively inexpensive and are great if you are buying a TV which is less than 55 inches. Among the Samsung LCD TVs the Samsung LN46C750 46 inch HDTV is a good option. This TV can display 3D content and has great apps such as Netflix through which you can stream your favorite movies.

If you are buying a TV which is over 55 inches it is better to get yourself a Plasma TV. Plasma TVs are perfect if you are planning on buying a large screen TV thanks to their price tag. Their display quality is great on large screen TVs and it is one of the main reasons why TVs above 65 inches are usually plasma based TVs. Among the top Plasma TVs available the ones from Sony and Panasonic are top-notch. The only issue with Plasma TVs would be that you would need to change the display lamp once every 5000 odd hours.

If you are looking at a top-notch HDTV with the best image quality, then you should consider LED based TVs. LED HDTVs are basically LCD TVs with LED backlights. A LCD LED TV offers the best contrast and image sharpness. They are also the thinnest among the different types of HDTVs available. The only drawback with LED TVs is that they are quite expensive. So if you have the budget and crave the best possible picture quality then LED based TVs are what you need.

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