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Most chefs show an inclination towards wearing the traditional gear when it comes to selecting their apparel. The traditional dress includes a double-breasted jacket along with coat and a hat, and checkered pants. However, the glamorization of the profession has resulted in tremendous transformation as far as clothes for proper chef’s attire is concerned. Designers still continue to make effort to make the chef gear to more trendy and stylish.

A chef’s dress comprises of a multiple pieces of clothing that completes the entire dress. Beautiful uniform ensembles include a chef hat, bandanna, scarf, bow tie, apron, coat, pant, belt, gloves and chef’s shoes.

Amongst these items, a chef’s hat, scarf and white apron are the essential ensembles generally required in any restaurant or hotel. However, these days the chefs put on additional dress items such as ties, neckerchief and scarf’s. These make their appearance more elegant, impressive and cool.

These days aprons are preferred over coats and jackets since they are more comfortable and can be donned in various colors. The bibs are also specifically designed to match the color of the restaurant furniture and décor. In addition to this, chef’s wear hats that are not only functional, but make them look stylish too.

As far as the style of chef pants are concerned, most popularly worn pants are cargos and baggies since they give the needed comfort apart from giving them a distinguished look from the rest of the staff. One can choose from darker to lighter shades of chef pants. This may depend upon what he likes. He can also choose a pant that goes well with the theme of the restaurant or even with other restaurant items.

Last but not the least, chef’s shoes need a mention to complete the unique chef uniform. One can get a range of chef shoes in a variety of designs and colors. However, while making a purchase, he should be particularly concerned about its comfort factor since he will be working in them throughout the day.

Chef is an important person in any restaurant or hotel. Therefore he should look extremely distinguished, elegant and impressive. His uniform can lend him this and therefore it definitely is most important asset he possesses.

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