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All women have it: that one piece of clothing that we not only gravitate to, but the one that looks fabulous on us. But what’s the piece in our closet that we should not only learn to start gravitating to, but the one that can compliment any look? Keep reading to see what this fantastic clothing item you must have.

It’s simple: the blazer. It may seem like an oddball choice, but we seriously underestimate this great jacket. What we all love about this jacket is how completely versatile it is. If you take something like a black blazer, you can where it with a pair of heels and skinny jeans to make it a classy weekend outfit. Or you could take that same jacket and don a pair of black slacks and even have a great work outfit. I know someone that has a great red blazer and she pairs it with outfits every other day and it always astounds me how great it looks. If you do chose to wear something like red blazer, then we recommend wearing it with a white shirt, something like a blouse so it can mute down the vibrancy of the redness of the jacket.

A couple other outfit ideas just to get your creativity wheels turning

Take a nautical blazer and have a yellow shirt underneath. Common nautical colors and patterns usually feature navy blues and whites, so having a yellow shirt is a great way bring out those neutral colors so you won’t get washed away by the ocean themes. You can wear these with some straight leg jeans and a pair of Sperry shoes and you have yourself a legitimate outfit that can get you through any adventure out to sea.

Take that black blazer we were mentioning before and adorn it with a flowy loose top that hangs around your frame. What we love about this combo is how shaped and defined the blazer is, so by wearing something that’s more loose underneath the jacket is a great contrast in textures.

What are some of your favorite outfit ideas with blazers? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jessamine Casia

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