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You know you’re on to a good thing with Converse shoes. They’re your here-to-stay-trend-defying shoes. They’re your laid-back, old school style shoes that everybody loves to sport. Right from school children to college teens to your favorite celebrities, Converse shoes are synonymous with style and that indefinable never-go-wrong look. Take a look at some shoe styles that have a very strong individual flavor.

Converse high tops

Have you noticed teen style is all about this very individualistic look that says, “This is me, take it or leave it”? Converse shoes satisfy that urge with teenagers to be noticed, to sport their personalities. Converse sneakers over the years have not changed much at all. They’re still your simple and very wearable rubber-soled, canvas shoes without all that hoopla but are now available in a whole lot of variants and colors.

Converse high tops like the unisex All Star Dr.Seuss sneakers are evergreen favorites. They’re designed in Dr.Seuss style with canvas uppers, signature stripes, a unique outsole, tongue tag and sidewall. Also, check out Converse Stonewashed canvas high top shoes in gray violet that have a relaxed look.

So, are high tops better than the low top Converse sneakers? No, nothing like that ! It’s just personal preference of one over the other. Converse high tops look great paired with skinny jeans. The hem of the jeans tucked into the sneakers makes for a modern look. But don’t just stick to that. Experiment with your look as the sneakers are available in different colors and cuts that they go with most outfits. Girls can wear them with shorts, short skirts for a feminine look, with capris for a summery look, baggy jeans or old, faded jeans to sport a grungy style.

Converse low tops

Wear your Converse low tops like a champion. The Jack Purcell Unisex canvas low top shoes are your classic sneakers that Jack Purcell helped design in 1935. They were his signature court sneakers that helped him win five consecutive Canadian championships and the World Badminton Champion tag. Wear the Converse low tops with your jeans and hoodie or sweatshirt. Wear them with leggings or skinny jeans or any which way you want.

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