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The Apple iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most popular phones around at the moment. The iPhone may have everything you need in a phone but it sure is fragile. A drop from a reasonable height could ruin it permanently. Here are a few dependable iPhone cases which will keep it protected.

There are a lot of iPhone cases available thanks to its ever-growing popularity. Most of them are merely cosmetic rather than functional. Therefore it is essential that you get a reliable one if you are the kind of person who drops your iPhone a lot.  Here are a couple of brands that make dependable cases for your iPhone


Otterbox is a well known brand for making some of the toughest and most reliable iPhone cases out there. The defender series of IPhone cases are perfect for those of you who accidentally drop your phones a lot. This heavy duty iPhone case offers your phone 3 layers of protection. The first layer is a screen protector which keeps it from getting scratched. The two next layers are a combination of silicon outer layer and a polycarbonate inner layer. These layers keep your phone protected from impact and dust. Lastly it also features a secure holster-style swiveling belt clip so you don’t have to worry about it falling out of your pocket. Overall the Otterbox cases are one of the best ones around.

Speck cases

Speck is another manufacturer that designs cases for the iPhone. Their cases keep your iPhone protected from impact while being easy on the eye. The CandyShell iPhone 4 case is one of the popular cases from Speck. This Speck case features a hard outer shell that will keep your phone protected against scratches and impact. It also features a rubberized inner layer that acts as a shock absorber in case of impact. The design of this case allows you unrestricted access to all the buttons and functions of your phone. Lastly Speck offers a yearlong warranty that will cover you if any part of your iPhone case breaks.

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