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hanging jewelry organizer, tealight candle holders

Jewelry gives the finishing touch to an outfit. Whether it is simple and elegant, or sleek and brassy, women love to have a collection of them so they can match them with all their outfits. Some women have made a splendid collection of jewelry that they have collected over the years. However, the irony is that they aren’t able to wear them. Well, the reason is that all the necklaces, watches, earrings haven’t been organized!

Now what do you do? A simple solution is to get a hanging jewelry organizer. But if you like being crafty, there are several ideas to work out on your own. Read on to find out simple yet clever ways to keep your jewelry organized with a cute do-it-yourself solution.

Watches and Bracelets

This little necessity adds much to an outfit since it is both appealing as well as functional. To keep your stuff organized, you can attach your towel dispenser on the wall and keep your things on it.  Another idea is to use your tea light candle holder to care for all your silver bangles and drop earrings. You can even gather all your lovelies into hurricane lamps.


Necklaces are great to wear but if not kept organized, they tend to get tangled and even broken. A great way to keep them organized is to utilize a hanger with clothes pins in between to prevent tangling. Another idea is to hang a peg board in your closet. It keeps them well in place and easy to get access to as well.

If you love natural element in your room, you can even put dry branches and hang your favorite stuff on it.


Earrings need to be changed quite often. But most often one of them is found missing at the last moment! Well, there are several cute ideas to keep these darn things under control. Simply spray paint an old cheese grater and let your earrings dangle. Another way is to have an egg carton without the top. You can even use ice cube trays to secure each pair.

As for those earrings that have lost their other halves, you should keep them to use as accessories for scarves!

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