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My dog lived up to a ripe old age of 13 years which when converted into human years is believed to be around 90 years. But the popular belief that one year of a dog’s life is equal to seven human years is not based on accurate fact. Dogs reach adulthood in the first two years and then the growth is much slower. Keeping your dog or other pets healthy and active all those years depends on the care and attention you lavish on them. Take a look at some easy tips to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Pyrantel Pamoate for deworming

Daily exercise and regular visits to the vet prevents illness. Daily exercise helps prevent a host of health issues and ensures toned muscles, mental stimulation and strong bones. Regular visits to the vet will help keep up with dental care, general pet care and diet and the required vaccinations or shots to keep your pet fit and healthy. A vet will advise regular ‘deworming’ for your pets like dogs, cats, horses and others. Pyrantel Pamoate paste or suspension is advised at periodic intervals to treat pinworms, hookworms and roundworms in dogs and cats.

Pet-proof your home

It’s important to pet-proof your home to avoid small accidents. You must remove or put away things like cleaning supplies, medicines and pesticides. Don’t keep safe or poisonous house plants. Make sure you don’t leave small items that can be swallowed easily by your pets. Electrical cords and switches should be out of reach for pets.

Daily vitamins

Find out the right nutritional requirements for your pet. Just like humans, pets too need their daily dose of vitamins. Vitamins for dogs like Petnat Hip & Joint provide the building blocks to support healthy joints and connective tissue functions. Regular dosage for dogs helps in maintaining flexibility and comfort of movement in the long run. ProNeurozone tablets delay development of age-related brain damage and memory loss. They’re suitable for dogs and cats and protect the brain from oxidative damage that may lower a pet’s quality of life.

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