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Have you heard of the famous quote- “Clothes Make the Man”? Well, there is another one here, “Shoes Make the Woman”.  A woman of this era is much busier and more versatile than the yester years. The reason that she is involved in a lot of activities is another reason that she needs to have the right kind of footwear. The footwear however should be such that it should not mar her style quotient. But the shoes for a woman on the go should also need to be comfy for her to catch up with all walks of life.

Well, the solution is rather simple. All you need to do is get some fashion forward sneakers you can practically run in! Believe me there are great shoes out there that are fun because they look like sneakers. They’re also cool because they can lend some real fun to the overall outfit. If someone wants a truly adventurous outfit then they can possibly wear some type of sport jacket and skinny jeans and it would be a pseudo work-out outfit.

Sneakers today come in different styles. You can wear them differently according to the need of hour. There are Wedge sneakers, Hook and Loop closure, Lace ups and Mary Janes. Besides there are also Mules and Sling Backs that put a woman’s best foot forward. Let’s just take a peek into each of them.

Slip on shoes and Wedges: When it comes to slip on shoes, there is a huge variety in them. While some of them will have no heel, there are others that will have both heel as well as toe to support the foot.

Wedges on other hand are smart while still being classy. The solid block like heel of wedges extending from the heel to the toe makes them comfy to wear and adds to her style statement. The wedges from Diva Lounge Sneakers are a fabulous example that not only fit an occasion but they also fit a woman’s personality. The wedge sneakers are undeniably fashionable and trendy.

Mules and Sling Backs:  Mules are available in both flat as well as heel patterns, but have no cover for the heel. However, sling backs have an elastic band that runs around the heel and gives better shoe support.

Hook & Loop closures: These shoes have a loop and a hole. A piece of fabric is designed to come across the front of the shoe. Then it loops through a hole and comes back across. Finally it hooks the shoe and is closed by Velcro.

Lace ups and Mary Janes: They are suited for day events that need a less casual look. Mary janes are flats and work appropriate shoes. You can wear these shoes with long skirts and dresses

Shoes are any woman’s silent introductions. Wear your kind of shoe and let people give introductions for you!

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