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epoxy floor coating, polyurethane paint

You may find yourself looking at your floors and other surfaces thinking that they need a remodel, but instead of spending a lot of money on a contractor, you can do some work yourself by adding a coat of epoxy floor coating. Applying epoxy floor coating is the most sought for method especially when it comes to improve the life of garage flooring. The epoxy floor coating is robust as well as gives a good finish to the garage floor. Now, not only can you park your vehicles smoothly but also use your garage for other purposes as well.

Garage is a place where damage on the flooring happens the most. There can even be spills of various oils, chemicals and grease. This spoils the beauty of the flooring. Also it can lead to various accidents like slipping and skidding. Therefore it is important that a garage floor should be such that such accidents could be avoided. Epoxy generally bonds well with the concrete flooring and the result is a durable and hard floor that is stain resistant.

Another option for the floors is polyurethane paint. But before applying this paint make sure you are applying epoxy primer. The result of this a high gloss and a durable floor. An acrylic polyurethane provides crystal clear protection. It is a fast -drying paint with the ease of water clean-up. Polyurethane paint is a hard coating and looks especially good on a back deck. Another DIY option is the latex paint. This one is comparatively cheaper than the above two. Latex paint needs at least 72 hours of drying and gives an antique look to your flooring. However, too much exposure to sun can damage your latex floor.

Among the flooring options mentioned above, epoxy is the best. It is easy to paint, is water-resistant, and easy to apply a swell. The resultant flooring is shinier, easy to clean, durable and maintenance free. When cleaning your floor, all you need is to mop it , and you are done. Polish your garage to a full shine and style.

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