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prefinished hardwood flooring, linoleumprefinished hardwood flooring, linoleum

Whether you are completely remodeling your home, or just one room or two within your house, you are probably starting with the process of deciding between your flooring options. Will carpet, wood flooring, or tiles look best in the room? Once you have narrowed that aspect down then a whole new round of questions arise, what color carpet and what texture, do I want a darker stained wood or something lighter and what kind of lumber, what style tiles and do I maybe want to go for linoleum instead? Redecorating can be overwhelming with so many choices, but we’ve put together a guide to help you decide which flooring goes best and in which room.


Carpet typically goes best in the bedroom. Depending on your living style, most people have removed their shoes by the time they’ve reached the bedroom which will reduce the amount of dirt that will show up on your carpet. However, if you are someone who does wear their shoes around their bedroom then you might want to think about a darker shade of carpeting so it does not look as dirty as quickly. The great thing about carpeting is that it keeps your feet warm when you are walking around and it soft and comfortable. The annoying part about carpeting is that it can be tough to clean and harbors a lot of dirt and grime. But if it’s just in the bedrooms then you can dedicate one weekend every few weeks to thoroughly cleaning it quickly and efficiently.

Wood floors

There’s no denying that hardwood floors are absolutely beautiful and stunning. They are fairly easy to maintain cleaning wise, just a mop and a broom will do, and don’t stain easily if you clean up the mess quickly. Also, if you are doing most of the remodeling work yourself, then installing hardwood flooring can be easy with prefinished hardwood flooring. The end result is striking in the kitchen, family room, hallway, and dining room. If you want to achieve the warm and comforting feeling of carpet on your wood flooring then an area rug is an easy way to add a decorative level of style to your room.


Tiles are great for kitchens and bathrooms and can easily complement any home design. The frustrating part about tiles is that they can be tough to clean and the grout that holds them together can get dirty really fast; which is why you’d need to be aware and conscious because if detected early then they are easy to clean but if it goes too long unnoticed then the grout cleaner is not as effective and you may need to reseal the grout. A cheaper alternative to tile is linoleum, which is a floor covering made from a mixture of different materials. You can find linoleum that mimics tile for a similar tiling effect, but it is easier to clean and maintain.

Written by Lizzy Jude

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