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Is it raining babies or what? I just attended a close friend’s baby shower and hosted another one for my sister. They’re happy occasions and great fun for everybody, especially the mom-to-be. But all those gifts and treats do eat into the budget. With another couple of baby showers being planned in the coming months, I sat down to think of gifts that would be cute and personal, yet stay within my budget. Take a look at these gift ideas and suggestions that are fun and interesting:

The gift ideas don’t need to be centered on the baby. The mom-to-be is equally entitled to gifts. After all, she’s doing all the hard work!  And the baby will not understand the significance of a pretty blanket or a stuffed toy until he or she’s at least a few months old.

Think of cheap baby shower favors like small perfumed candles. They make for wonderful aroma therapy. It’s all about making the mom-to-be feel calm and relaxed. You can buy two or three different varieties and give them away as cheap baby shower favors too. Take a look at the White Candle Favor with Heart that comes in a glass container with a rhinestone heart design.

Hand and body lotions and moisturizing creams that are mildly perfumed are pleasant gift ideas. The soon to be momma needs to be pampered and cosseted before her baby comes along. Luxurious Baby Shower hand cream favors are available in a set of 24. They’re small, practical favor gifts that can be tossed into your pocket or handbag.

Gift the mom-to-be an experience. Give her opera tickets or tickets to a play or movie that you think she will enjoy. Organize a girl’s night out so she can let down her hair. Once the baby arrives, she won’t have time for such luxuries. Give her a babysitting coupon for when the baby arrives.

If you’re hosting the baby shower, think of cheap baby shower favors that you can make at home or just gift-wrap at home. A Mrs.Meyer’s Clean Day lavender bar soap is a simple but pleasing gift. You can tie a ribbon around it to give it an attractive look. Fill baby food jars with chocolate and tie a colored satin ribbon for effect.

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