Fun ways to have your pets get outdoor time with no risks


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Pets love to explore things inside as well as outside the house. Sometimes it is really fun to see your pets playing under the warm sunlight. Letting the pets play outside can make you worried also. The outside world is full or predators especially for small animals like bunnies. Here are some ideas that will help you to keep your pets safe outside.

Use moss to keep the rabbits busy

Rabbits can hop and reach from one place to another within a few seconds. So, buy some good food items for your rabbits to keep them from going anywhere. You can take the rabbits outside in the garden and give them some healthy Sphagnum moss to keep them busy in eating.

Use some toys to keep the rabbits entertained

Get the rabbits some toys that they love to play with. Their toys are inexpensive and in fact, rabbits are really happy playing with empty cardboard boxes and kids toy packaging.  A cardboard box with some big holes in it is a great toy for a rabbit. Foot stools and small chairs to jump on make for entertaining toys. Fill a deep tray with soil and let them dig in. Scatter the toys in the garden and let them play with them.

Use a playpen to keep the rabbits safe

Cats are predators and are clever and cunning. Once they notice your rabbits playing in the garden, they wait for the right time to pick them and run away.  Avoid this situation and keep your pets safe under a pet playpen.  Choose a strong but spacious playpen that will not allow your rabbits to run away or get stolen by predators.  Check out the Marshall small pet playpen online and pick a similar one for your adorable pets. Made from high-quality epoxy-coated wire, this pen keeps your pet contained outdoors or indoors. It offers nine square feet of play space to your pets.

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