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Spring and summer holiday times are around the corner. There are going to be guests around and of course the children too. Obviously it is going to be a great fun to be together, but it also takes some planning whether you are hosting or attending. However, one way to alleviate that planning stress is to let the kids participate and help you out. Here is a guide for different ways that planning can become a fun family activity.

Cotton candy

As the cotton candy makes its sweet web around, it is always remarkable to see the sparkle in the children’s eyes! It is perhaps one of the most favorite things they get excited for at a carnival or any outdoor affair.

You can easily get a cotton candy machine. In fact you can easily find a cotton candy machine for sale at many discount box stores. They are quite economic as well as much fun to own.


Homemade popcorn is an amazing and healthy treat. It is not only a great fun to eat but also to make. You can add exciting flavors in infinite number of combinations. All you need is a popcorn maker at home for healthy and natural homemade popcorn. When going to buy a machine, make sure you choose the right size. These machines come in various sizes starting from 4 oz. and go up to 64 oz. However, you need to go for 4 to 6 oz. models for home.


Yet another very interesting snack item for the kids and grown-ups to enjoy are cookies. Try out some new cookie cutters for creative and unique designs, like dinosaurs or space ships, then let the kids decorate them. Or you can use ordinary shapes to make objects, for example, combine a triangle and circle to make a clown. You can just be simple yet exclusive in your own way.

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