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dance shorts, danskin yoga pants

Dancing is an intense and beautiful sport that requires a lot of practice and natural grace and elegance. So to make sure that you have smooth and uninterrupted movements, you need to wear the right kind of garments. The different gear you need for the sport for dancing ranges from dance shorts to spandex suits. Even though there are specific apparel requirements depending on what style of dance you are practicing, there are some basic essentials that work for all of the styles.

Here is an insight on them-

Dance shorts

These shorts are perfect for free movements and let your legs breathe. Such shorts are sensible for cheerleaders and outdoor events. You can wear these inside the garment so that when you lift your leg or twirl those hips, you don’t have to worry about revealing too much. The smooth contour of these shorts also prevents issues like visible panty lines.


Leotards never really go out of fashion, though they are usually associated with aerobic dancing and weight loss. But these continue to remain popular with ballerinas because you just slip on one garment along with a frilly skirt for the performance. Also, these contour and hug the body to make dancing appear more graceful.

Tights & leggings

These work for most dance forms and you can pair them with loose tees or tight tanks. Pick from a range of cotton or spandex ones, based on your requirements.


This is best worn inside any regular dancing clothes, but a lot of people prefer wearing lacy or trendy ones on top. These provide a great fit and also facilitate free movements.

Yoga pants

Options like danskin yoga pants are a fitness favorite. These versatile pants can be worn for dancing or any other exercise form. You can just pull on a tee on top and head to the class, without bothering to change.

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