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Having a home theater is on everyone’s wish list. Watching your favorite movie at your home with a good home theater system beats going to a theater. You don’t have to worry about long lines for tickets, or getting shoved around in a crowded theater. Here are a few essentials of what you would need to have a good home theater system at home.

Home theater systems basically consist of three major components. They are a receiver/amplifier, a display unit and a sound system. With the home theater components available these days it is quite easy to set it up. Receivers can get really expensive depending on what you choose. Getting a good receiver is essential as it has a direct effect on the sound produced from your speaker system. Receivers/amplifiers are the ones responsible for delivering power to your speakers and playing back media from DVD’s or Blu Rays.

The speaker system is also a vital component in your home theater. It is responsible to give you that theater like effect. Wireless speaker systems would be great as you wouldn’t have problems with keeping the wires hidden. The wireless Sony Home theater speakers would be a great option in case you end up buying a Sony HDTV as your display unit. This will enable you to utilize Sony’s Bravia sync technology which will enable you to control your TV, and sound system with one single remote. This way you wouldn’t have a ton of remotes lying around.

Last but not the least you will need a display unit. Choosing your display unit will depend on size of your room. If you have a large theater room where you can control the amount of sunlight that enters then you should consider getting a projector. There are quite a few HDTV projectors available these days which offer you a great picture. The BenQ W1070 is a great full HD projector which you could use. it has a brightness of about 2000 lumens and a contrast ratio of about 10000:1 which is very impressive for a projector. This projector will also display 3D content which makes it a great option.

Once you have all the basic components for a home theater you could get your home theater room some good seating. The magnolia home theater seating would be a great option. Their home theater seating would be a very comfortable option to have at home. Most of their seating do have a recline function which makes them really comfortable. They may be on the expensive side but once you sit on them you will never feel like getting up.

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